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DSPA - Next generation fire suppression

DSPA is the most cost effective fire suppression system available on the UK market.

DSPA Generators have been successfully applied to:
 •Transport & construction vehicles
 •Computer & Server rooms
 •Generator & Engine rooms
 •Archives & Warehouses
 •Motor compartments
 •Elevators & Cable shafts
 •Switching boards
 •Electrical cabinets
 •Ships, boats & yachts
 •Navy vessels
 •And much, much more…

The DSPA-5 is the most effective fire knock down tool in use around the world by the military, the navy, the marine industry, professional fire fighters and first responders.

Using the same DSPA technology to knock down the flames and reduce the temperature within the compartment or room, the DSPA-5 is the most innovative addition to fire interruption technology since the fire extinguisher!

The DSPA fixed fire suppression system is an economical way of protecting enclosed spaces such as server rooms, generator rooms, archive rooms, engine rooms and storage rooms. The aerosol released from the units is non toxic and non corrosive and will not damage electrics, generators or engines. The variety of units available means that a system can be tailored to any size space and any situation. The units can be activated electronically, thermally or manually or any combination. The DSPA system is also portable in that it can be removed refitted elsewhere.

Whatever your requirements,
DSPA is your perfect fire suppression solution!

Certified to the highest standards

BSI Kite Mark
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What is being said about the DSPA 5 ...

"After minutes the temperature had reduced quite considerably and the fire itself was all but extinguished." 
Fire fighter Gordon, Staffordshire FRS, UK

"As soon as we popped the DSPA-5 in there, we saw the aerosol fill the room and the visible flames ceased." 
Chief DiCola, Neshannock Fire Department, PA, USA

"We decided to use the DSPA-5. One unit was thown into the garage. We waited for approximately 30 seconds before we started active ventiliation to get the aerosol out of the compartment. As we entered the compartment the fire was totally under control with no visible flames. Little to no water was needed to cool down the remains."
Chief Kim Walgeborg, Enkoping-Habo Fire Service, Sweden

"In this situation, the quick knock down of the fire by the DSPA-5 reduced our need to use water on the structure and allowed our crew and trucks to return to the station in less than two hours."
Chief Bill Higgs, Sechelt Fire Department, British Columbia, Canada