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DSPA-11 Series - a fixed fire suppression system

The DSPA Aerosol 11 generator is intended for operational application during localization and extinction of fires of class A and B, and electrical fires, amongst others in industrial buildings, railroad, and vehicle transport. They can also be used in rooms where cables, electric installations and electrical equipment in which the voltage is no higher than 40 kV have been installed.
The DSPA-11 series come in several models DSPA 11-1 through DSPA 11-7.

 The DSPAs consist of a body (1) where an aerosol-forming agent is situated. The agent is separated from the inner surface of the body by a thermal protective layer (2). In the upper side of the body a starting assembly (3) is installed. For DSPA types 11-5 and 11-6 this assembly is connected to the connection unit on the bracket (4).

The DSPA is actuated as soon as an electrical impulse is supplied to the starting assembly. The aerosol-forming agent will create a fire-extinguishing gas-aerosol mixture, which passes through sides of the body and enters the space where the DSPA-11 is installed.
Functioning of the generator is based on the inhibition of oxidation-reduction reactions of highly refined particles (aerosols) of salts and oxides of alkali and alkaline metals. These particles precipitate with the combustion of the aerosol-forming agent and remain in suspension for a long time. The process of high-temperature combustion of the solid agent that is located in the generator body causes the formation of fire extinguishing aerosols.

DSPA 11-4

1 - body

2 - protective layer

3 - starting assembly

4 - bracket with connection unit

DSPA-11 diagram