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DSPA-12 Series - a fixed fire suppression system

The DSPA Aerosol 12 generator is a standalone aerosol fire extinguishing unit with a thermal starter It is a saturation extinguisher and intended to control and extinguish fires of flammable and combustible liquids, solid fuels and electrical equipment. The generators are used for fire protection of small volumes (electric cabinets, engine compartments, etc.), including vehicles.
The DSPA-12 series come in several models DSPA 12-1 through DSPA 12-4.

The standalone aerosol fire extinguishing unit consists of the body, which houses the aerosol-forming block, and the activation unit. The aerosol-forming block is separated from the upper lid and the bottom of the generator body by heat shield material. On the side surface of the body, there is a slot nozzle, through which the aerosol exits.
By applying an electrical or thermal pulse to the activation unit the aerosol-forming block ignites. This forms a gas-aerosol fire-extinguishing mixture consisting of fine particulates (potassium salts being potent inhibitors) which enters the protected chamber.
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DSPA 12-4
DSPA 12 Series