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What is a DSPA-5?

The DSPA-5 is a new and innovative tool designed to aid in the suppression of fires and for use as a personal protection device for fire fighters in emergency egress or entrance situations. It is physically and functionally similar to a smoke grenade with the major difference that it delivers a highly effective aerosol fire suppression agent - DSPA.

What is the compound made of?
The compound is made of a patented mixture of potassium salts and an organic binder. This same compound is used in the entire line of DSPA.

What happens if someone is trapped in the room?
The aerosol will be the least of their problems. While the aerosol may cause minor mucous membrane irritation at high concentrations (over 100gr./m3) or if there is long exposure, the combustion products and heat of a fire can be, and often are, deadly. In a real world fire scenario the by-products and composition of the aerosol are insignificant relative to those of a fire. At a 50 gr./m3 density the gas products of the aerosol are many orders of magnitude less than that allowed for automobile airbag systems. However, the DSPA-5 should not be thrown close (2 mtr.) to the victim as it emits a hot cloud of aerosol close to the unit.

Can something that small actually extinguish fires?
The DSPA’s compound is the most effective fire extinguishing agent currently available. It is many times more effective than conventional agents such as powder or foam. The DSPA-5 contains the same compound used in our UL/ULC tested fixed fire extinguishing units. However, due to the tremendous variability of conditions in a fire fighting situation, the purpose of the DSPA-5 is, first and foremost, for use as an extremely effective tool to suppress and limit the growth of fires by reducing the temperature and then extinguishing the flames. However, total extinguishing is a bonus, therefore traditional methods should be on hand to fully extinguish any remaining embers.

Does it explode like a grenade?
No, the units remain fully intact. It sends out an aerosol stream in a circular discharge pattern around the base of the unit. Discharge time is around 25 seconds.

Does it deplete the oxygen in the room?
No, there is no oxygen depletion or reduction. The DSPA-5 stops the fire by interfering with the chemistry of the fire, not by changing the atmosphere.

Where can I buy a DSPA-5?
Please contact the office above or one of our distributors