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Fixed Fire Suppression Systems

DSPA offers a wide range of multipurpose fixed fire suppression units with no requirement for pipe work, pressure or additional storage space. A fire suppression system using DSPA Aerosol Generator units is the perfect solution for retro-fitting or new build or simply replacing an existing fire suppression system that has become too expensive to maintain.

A fully certified fire suppression system can be created using the DSPA Aerosol Generators, a fire panel and detection and alarm components. DSPA Aerosol Generators come in many sizes so a fire suppression system can be designed for all size spaces.


DSPA Aerosol Generators have been rigorously tested to the BRL-K23001/4 programme which combines the two main international standards for Condensed Aerosol Generators:

  CEN-TR15276-1 ISO-DIS15770-1


DSPA Fire Suppression Systems have been successfully applied to:
 •Transport & construction vehicles
 •Computer & Server rooms
 •Generator rooms
 •Archives & Warehouses
 •Generator & engine rooms
 •Motor compartments
 •Cable shafts
 •Switching boards
 •Electrical cabinets
 •Ships, boats & yachts
 •Government buildings
 •Navy vessels
 •And much, much more…