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Make sure you have a clear picture of the situation and decide, based upon the given criteria, to deploy the DSPA-5.

DSPA Firefighter 3

Pull the pin out and throw the DSPA-5 directly inside. The DSPA-5 doesn’t have to be deployed into the seat of the fire.

The extinguishing substance of DSPA is aerosol. Aerosol acts similar to gas, so it will expand volumetrically and reach even the most difficult places.

Close off the fire room, so the aerosol is contained. If the room is properly closed, the aerosol will be more effective.

DSPA Firefighter 5

After 30 to 60 seconds the fire is knocked down. The flames are gone and it’s safe to enter the room. Overhaul and look for hot spots with a thermal imaging camera. Extinguish these with water or foam.

DSPA Firefighter 2
DSPA Firefighter 4
DSPA Firefighter 6