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For Marine Use

Already tested and approved by the Dutch Navy, in extensive use on board Malaysian Naval Vessels and widely used on yachts. motor cruisers, fishing boats and ferries in North America, the DSPA-5 handheld fire suppression unit is the ideal solution for fires that start on board marine vessels.

The DSPA-5 handheld fire suppression unit is designed specifically for fires in enclosed spaces (40-60 cubic metres). It is activated like a grenade by screwing an ignitor into the unit and then pulling a chord. The unit is then thrown into the space, the door closed on it and is left to discharge it's compound and suppress the fire.

The major benefit of the DSPA-5 to marine vessels is that the compound released is non toxic and non corrosive and crucially will not effect the working of electrics or engines.

A DSPA-5 can be deployed in an engine room and the engine will still function afterwards. The compound released is a potassium based aerosol which floods the space to suppress the fire and leaves minimal residue.

We have a lockable cabinet available or a simple cradle which have both been designed specifically to store the DSPA-5 when not in use.

The DSPA-5 is fully portable so one unit on board your vessel could protect all of it! *

* The DSPA-5 protects enclosed spaces and should a single space be larger than 40 cubic metres, more DSPA-5 units will be required.

DSPA 5 Cabinet small