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How much fire suppression compound do I need?

A site survey will be required by one of our trained distributor/installers, who will calculate the quantity of DSPA compound that will be required to protect your valuable assets. This is quite a straight forward calculation involving the size of the room in cubic metres and the number of windows and doors or vents that may cause the compound to escape.

The testing programme BRL-K23001-4 is very thorough in determining the minimum quantity of DSPA active compound to the volume of the compartment that requires protection. Also it examines the DSPA manuals and installation programmes to ensure that all DSPA installers are thoroughly trained to ensure that the appropriate amount of DSPA active compound is installed in the compartment so that any fire will be fully suppressed and extinguished.

The DSPA trained installer will then determine which DSPA generators will be required to ensure that the DSPA Aerosol compound totally floods the compartment in the quickest possible time. The different DSPA fire suppression units and the amount of compound they hold can be found here.